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Credit Check Edmonton: Find Great Tenants With TVS Credit Checks

April 3rd, 2014 · 1 Comment · Property Management, Tenant Screening Edmonton: Tenant Credit Checks

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Great news for Edmonton Landlords.

The Edmonton Journal had a story on the best places to live in Canada in 2014 and we finished third.

The story was about a study done by Moneysense magazine rating Canadian cities and their ‘liveability.’

The province of Alberta dominated the top of the lists.

St. Alberta finished number one and Calgary landlords are proud to say they finished in the top spot for large cities.

What Does This Mean For Edmonton Landlords?

It means we are a very attractive destination for people to settle in whether they are from around the country and international.

This means tenants are arriving which is one of the reasons the Edmonton vacancy rate is low.

Most of these new arrivals are great tenants who will respect you and your rental property. You won’t have to worry about late rent or damages.

How to Find Great Tenants?

Of course mixed with all those great tenants are some bad apples. 

These tenants are very clever and know what a landlords wants to hear to hand over the keys and rent to them.

While new landlords might find the idea of people lying to rent from you, an experienced Alberta landlord knows these types of tenants will:

1.  Make sure they dress well to impress you

2.  Often arrive in a nice car (which usually isn’t there own)

3.  Be very polite and personable

4.  Have a story about why they are moving to your area

5.  Have a well-developed background story to tell you.

Take a look at some reports of landlords who rented to bad tenants and the huge costs they ended up paying.

Find Great Tenants With Landlord Credit Checks

Anyone can act nice, smile and tell you a story. So how can you find out the truth about them?

One key tenant screening tool is a landlord credit check.

TVS (Tenant Verification Services)

The Alberta Landlords Association has now partnered with the leading tenant screening company in Canada: TVS.

For only a one time fee (no annual fee) Alberta landlords can do premium landlord credit checks using TVS for only $10 per check!

Why Choose TVS for Landlord Credit Checks?

TVS is an amazing company and you will love their reports and the excellent customer service.  They offer:

1.  A toll-free number to help you get set up and doing credit checks fast!

2.  An excellent customer service team to answer all your questions

3.  You can start doing checks on your own computer on potential tenants

4.  No faxing, no paper work, just put in the information on you computer

5.  Within minutes you get a credit score, employment information, addresses, etc.

All this for only $10 per check for ALA members.  It can’t be beat!

No hassle, no fuss, no confusing fees…just a great tool to help you succeed in finding great tenants!

Edmonton Landlords Can Now Find Great Tenants With a Great New Service For A Great Price!

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  • Beth C.

    TVS is an incredible resource for landlords. It’s better than you think it can be. Try it and find good tenants.

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