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Edmonton Landlords – How Can You Avoid Bad Tenants?

August 2nd, 2014 · No Comments · Edmonton landlords, Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service, Tenant Credit Checks

 Edmonton Landlords – How Can You Avoid Bad Tenants

Edmonton landlords – We all want to avoid bad tenants but how can we do it?

Edmonton landlords are watching carefully as the provincial government is bringing some big new changes to how Alberta landlords can deal with landlord and tenant disputes.

A report in the Calgary Herald says the provincial government is trying to make the court system more efficient. This means any problems between landlords and tenants will move from the courts to the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS).

As it stands, landlord and tenant issues make up a whopping 5% of all small claims court cases.

What is the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service?

It’s where landlord and tenant disputes are handled.

Either a landlord or a tenant can file an application and get a Hearing date. At this Hearing you will get an opportunity to argue your case in front of a Tenancy Dispute Officer. At the end, the Officer will make a decision that is legally binding for the landlord and the tenant.

Why Are There So Many Landlord and Tenant Disputes?

Rochelle Johannson works as a lawyer with the Alberta Centre of Public Legal Education.

In the Globe and Mail Johannson was quoted as saying landlords can ‘like’ a tenant and rent to them because of this. And tenant problems can happen later.

She says many small landlords call only call references provided and this is not good enough. Friends can act as former employers and ex-landlords and give a false recommendation to get you to rent to them.

This is why it’s important for Edmonton landlords to be careful just as BC landlords are now being careful after a media report of serial bad tenants there targeting small landlords.

Avoid Bad Tenants With Proper Tenant Screening

Like Johannson said, too many landlords take shortcuts when renting to tenants.

Would you let a complete stranger pay to rent your $500,000 Ferrari? Of course not.

But many small landlords are willing to rent out their $500,000 income property with proper tenant screening.

The Importance of Running A Credit Check on Tenants

If you join the Alberta Landlords Association you can begin running TVS and Equifax credit checks on tenants for only $10 per check.

A tenant credit check will show you who your potential tenants ‘really are.’

1. Identity

You can see if the potential renters are really who they say they are.

2. Employment

Do they really work where they say they do? Remember, job letters can be faked.

3. Past Addresses

You can get ‘real information’ on current and past addresses. This way you won’t be tricked.

4. Collection Agencies

Do they owe money to someone else? Are collection agencies chasing after them?

5. Financial Responsibility

You get to see their credit score. This score is based on their financial responsibility. For example, if they make sure to pay their bills on time their score will be higher.

What if A Tenant Offers Their Own Credit Check?

We recommend you run your own credit checks. There have been cases where Equifax credit reports have been altered to make the tenant ‘look good’ and even forged.

Edmonton Landlords – How Can You Avoid Bad Tenants?

Running a rental property is running a business.

Make sure you treat it like a business and that means screen your tenants carefully including running tenant credit checks.

Join the Alberta Landlords Association for only a low one time registration fee (no annual fee!) and get premium credit checks and the Alberta Rental Kit full of leases, applications, and all the documents you need.

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