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Edmonton Landlord Tenant Screening – Running a Credit Check

September 1st, 2014 · No Comments · Edmonton landlords, Latest News, Tenant Credit Checks

Tenant Won't Pay Rent, Grow Op, And Won't Move Out

Tenant Won’t Pay Rent, Grow Op, And Won’t Move Out

Spending $10 on a credit check can protect you from bad tenants and save you thousands of dollars!

The real estate market and the economy continue to do well in Alberta and Edmonton landlords know there are a lot of good tenants out there.

With the creation of more jobs more people are coming to our province in search of good jobs. With rising house prices many of these people will need to rent for at least a few years before being able to afford a down payment to buy their own home.

These renters are have big dreams for their future and want to work hard, save money, and make sure they have a high credit score in order to one day get a mortgage put down their own roots.

Many renters plan to be landlords themselves in the future and will respect you and your rental property.

It all sounds logical.

The problem is amongst all the good tenants are a group of bad tenants.

These are people who might not pay you rent on time, or might not pay rent at all leaving you stuck with paying your mortgage with no rent coming in.

They might trash your property. Or bother other tenants and the landlord and could even become violent as we’ve seen happen to Alberta landlords in the past.

Can’t I Trust My Instincts On Who To Rent To?

It used to be we could trust what people say and believe a handshake meant a commitment. Unfortunately, if you are a landlord today it’s just not enough to protect yourself.

There’s an a very educational story about a BC landlord who trusted her ‘gut’ when you met a tenant who wanted to rent her property.

She thought he would be a perfect tenant. He was well-spoken, polite, talkative, friendly and employed. He was such a nice guy she not only rented to him, she and her husband invited him to their Thanksgiving dinner.

Shortly after he started missing rent payments. Then the rent just stopped.

It just got worse for the landlord. She discovered what she suspects was a marijuana grow op on the property.

It’s already been months but she can’t evict him because he knows how to play the system to keep from getting evicted.

Tenant Credit Checks

Don’t become a victim of a professional tenant who wants to rip you off.

The best way to protect yourself is to make sure you know who you are really renting to. You can do this by running a TVS credit check on the tenant for only $10.

By running a TVS credit check you get to see the tenant’s credit score which shows if they are financially responsible people who pay their bills on time.

You can see current and past addresses and speak with their ‘real’ past landlords and not friends acting as past landlords. You can verify employment. You can see if they have collection agencies chasing them for money they owe.

You even get a recommendation on whether or not you should rent to them.

Start running checks today for only $10/check by joining the Alberta Landlords Association for only a low one-time fee (no annual fee!)

Alberta Landlords Association membership gets you networking with landlords in Alberta and across Canada, access to the Alberta Landlord Rental Kit full of leases and other documents, and gets you started running credit checks from your own home computer.

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