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Edmonton Landlords – Be Careful And Cautious Who You Choose As Your Tenants

October 9th, 2014 · No Comments · Tenant Credit Checks, Tenant screening

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Edmonton Landlords – Still Renting To Anyone With First Months’ Rent And a Deposit? Be Careful and Cautious and Run a Credit Check To Find Good Tenants!

The news from the Edmonton Journal was horrible. It’s also a wake call of the importance of being careful of who you rent to and allow into your rental property.

The news was about a tenant who first beat his landlady.

He then stabbed her to death. Next, in an attempt to cover up the crime he then set the rental bungalow on fire.

There are not confirmed motives, but the tenant was unemployed at the time.

It took nearly and an hour and fifty fire fighters to finally put out the blaze.

A twenty-four year old tenant who had only lived there a few months was charged with first-degree murder, possession of an offensive weapon and arson.

Tenant Screening

In this day and age it’s vitally important landlords screen our tenants carefully before renting to someone.

Don’t go on gut instinct and instead make sure you get as much information you can on the tenant and verify it all.

Edmonton Police Service Website

On the Edmonton Police Service website there is really good advice on how landlords can protect themselves with careful tenant screening.

Also, with good screening you are also protecting other tenants who live in the rental building.

“Responsible landlords take the applicant screening process very seriously. They should not be afraid to request application fees or deposits, and should not hesitate to include detailed questions on the tenancy application.

By being diligent in regards to the application process, landlords are able to screen undesirable individuals. This also gives quality applicants the piece of mind that comes from knowing that all applicants are being screened equally, and that the landlord is trying to keep the criminal element out.

Thoroughly screen each applicant using credit checks, employment checks, and contact at least two to three previous landlords.”

Tenant Credit Checks

Running a credit check is the heart of a good tenant screening process.

A tenant credit check will show you real information on your potential tenant. You can find out where they work, where they live, where they have lived before and more. It’s something Ontario landlords are making sure they do before handing over the keys.

A string of stories about bad tenants has started more and more BC landlords to also start running credit checks.

A tenant credit check is like shining a light in the darkness to find the truth about the person you are going to rent to.

Aren’t Tenant Credit Checks Complicated and Expensive?

They used to be, but things have changed.

Edmonton landlords can join the Alberta Landlords Association for a low one-time fee and begin running TVS credit checks for only $10 per check.

This is a terrific price for a tenant credit check that will show you a credit score, addresses, employers and more! And you can run checks from your home computer in minutes!

Corporate landlords and large property management companies use tenant credit checks to screen tenants. Now small landlords can to!

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